Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid 15million dollars to star in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, yet he only spoke/mumbled/uttered around 700 words… if our calculations are correct, and they are, because we tripled checked he earned $21,428.57 per word!!
If we were being paid per word for this post, we would be receiving a total of $857,142.80!
So, who’s paying? Anyone, someone, no one…

In the 2002 Spiderman film, the spider used was not actually a black widow it was a Steatoda Spider. In order for the spider to match Spiderman’s outfit they painted it blue and red… how did they paint a spider? They put it under anesthesia! Imagine the poor spiders surprise “Well that was a nice nap…WTF I’m colourful! #trapdoorfunfacts #spiderman

During the making of cult film “Fight Club” Brad Pitt chipped his tooth, he then refused to get the tooth fixed until filming was finished, as he believed it would better suit his character #dedicatedtothecause #trapdoorfunfact

It turns out that we are all heading down the wrong path of film; did you know you know that Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world? Producing over 800 movies per year as opposed to Hollywood who are only producing half of this. #getyourselfsortedHollywood #trapdoorfunfacts

Secretly we all wish we could be part of a video game, well this guy made it happen.
Yuji Hariu shows us just how incredible his skills are. Award winning indeed!

Cole Haan, an incredibly talented Director has shared with us his preferred cut of some time shared with the incredible Maya Angelou, a wonderful human.

Thanks to the team at ASAP Science the next time the boss catches you yawning, you can tell them you’re just cooling down your brain...did you yawn?… yawn… yawn… ha! Got you!!

Yet another incredible idea by the Google team, Imagine the possibilities, the opportunities…and the inevitable laziness!!