Our team combines creative, technical and strategic talents

Mike Pritchett

Director/ Coffee Addict

Mike has over 14 years experience in the production industry. Starting his career behind the camera then moving into post-production, as a visual media communications expert he now specialises in directing and project management. Mike spent four and a half years of his career travelling across Asia producing promotional and corporate videos for an international media company. He is the co-founder of Australian charity Kenya Aid leading him to be a guest speaker for The United Nations Young Professional Conference. He has also been a lecturer at the Digital Marketing Institute, on the effectiveness of video marketing.

Mike founded Trapdoor Productions in 2006. Drawing on his experience in the corporate world, Mike now brings together the best people in the industry to deliver outstanding projects for his clients.

Jimmy Kyle

Account Director/ Resident Whinging Pom

Over the last 8 years Jimmy has worked for marketing agencies, film production companies and in multiple countries directing, editing and producing online video content. If you have a new project you want to chat through, Jimmy’s your man.

Jessica Branford

Production Coordinator / Online Shopping Addict

Jess is here to ensure the entire production process runs seamlessly. Coordinating the efforts of the design and sales teams to get across the message of the clients to their target audiences. Working from the very beginning in pre-production to the end of post-production on small and large productions, and everything in between, there’s nothing too big or obscure that she can’t mange. Jess is your go to person for all queries and requirements, keep in mind - she loves a good challenge!

Andrei Ardamil

Editor / Motion Designer / The Cook

Andrei lives and breathes Digital. Some say if he gets cut 1’s and 0’s pour out. He works across 3D and 2D animations, motion graphics design and visual effects. He has worked with brands like Nikon, Adobe and HP. He not only knows his way around post-production, but also in the kitchen. Yes, he loves to eat but he’s also trained in culinary arts. You’ll find him playing RPG games on his down time. Feel free to join him on multiplayer mode.

Zander Van Oldenborgh

Motion Designer / Resident Kiwi bru


Zander studied design and post production at University but moved quickly into the industry getting numerous achieve- ments under his belt including one of three lead motion designers for the Arabic Games working on the largest digital projection in history. 10k resolution, numerous TVC’s for Rip Curl, Nickelodeon, Billabong, Saatchi n Saatchi, and Warner music NZ, the list goes on. Zander is an absolute asset to the team at Trapdoor. Feel free to ask him to say fish and chips...it never gets old.