How companies should categorise their video content - and where Trapdoor comes in!

It’s nice when a company like Google comes out with recommendations that completely and utterly validates the premise that your company is built on. Funnily enough that’s what happened with us.
If you haven’t heard about Hero, Hub, and Hygiene let me cast a bit of light on the

Corporate video production incorporated into your marketing strategy is more effective for your Sydney based businesses than ever before, and if you are a business owner ignoring it, it’s time to take off the blinders and see the difference video can and will make. A well-crafted promotional video, when incorporated into your marketing mix, can increase brand awareness while bringing

With the crazy events season coming up for Sydney Olympic park, many of these events being hosted at Sydney Showground, Trapdoor Productions were approached to create two videos detailing ‘How to get there’ for the corporate world and the everyday visitors. Take a look at the general event one here.


It was recruitment time for the RFS, and Trapdoor were asked to produce 4 short videos showcasing the diverse range of people involved with the RFS, anyone from all walks of life can become a volunteer, and the RFS really wanted to showcase this. So wanting to create interesting and entertaining content we chose some very normal professions with some

Thousands of videos are being uploaded to YouTube everyday. With millions of users visiting the site across the globe, there’s no doubt it’s a huge platform for advertising and in turn a great marketing hub for businesses. Though what are you really watching? Whilst dogs in spider suits videos and the ice bucket challenge soared in the viewing department, you

Rodents on turn tables... Because, why not?

Rodents on Turntables - @LiveNation from Division of Labor on Vimeo.

From one Lens to another, Blue Chalk got together with National Geographic and Cory Richards to take a look at Cory’s incredible work, focusing on the beauty of storytelling. #workwelike #video

Apparently Sigourney Weaver could’ve taken up a career basketball, take a look at this clip. “Swish!” #trapdoorfunfacts #sigourneyswish